CANTONI ᆴ is capable to manufacture a wide range of injection moulds, and complete
systems, matching clients needs and product designs to the most effective and efficient
production tooling solution in the field.
A wide spectrum of tooling professionals

Expertised mould and part designers

Most advanced machine tools

4 test machines

LATHING The CNC turning department is composed by 3 axes machines, which allow to make perforations and millings. This quickens and increases the precision in harder works.

MILLING The milling department is equipped with 3 and 5 axes CNC machines, linked to an
internal net with the planning department, which offers quickness and precision in the work

EROSION The CNC erosion department is completely automated and linked to the production
net. All programs are executed and checked with a program created by the CANTONI, which
has quickened the executions and guarantees a perfect precision.

QUALITY CONTROL Dimensional and functional controls are executed at every operation in
the production departments, but the item conformity is given to the assembly department after
a careful control.

TEST The test phase is monitored with care in order to verify the mould functionality and
performance. A form is filled at every test, where the final client will find the indications and
parameters to optimize the moulding cycle. Samplings and pre-series can be given upon
client’s request.