Zhejiang Sound machinery manufacture Co,.Ltd

Honors – national high-tech enterprises, famous exporter of Zhejiang Province, the State Torch Program Enterprise … …

Certified – ISO9001: 2008domestic and international certification, CE certification, has been found to meet national security and energy efficiency standards

Products advantages – clamping force produced from 900KN to 40,000 KN, theoretical injection capacity 100cm3 to 215,000cm3, weight 100g to 150000g different series of plastic injection molding machines, standard series, servo energy saving series (all-electric, servo, conversion, variables, etc.) and special machine series (high-speed, color, extrusion one, two plates, bottle, cell phone special, etc.) In particular, the dedicated large-capacity models, the domestic first mobile phone dedicated machines and all-electric series leading positions in the field of special use machinery.